Mac vs. MicroSoft vs. Old vs. New

Harder than I thought….

So here I am about to live my life’s calling as a writer, and since I’m pretty tech savvy… I should be able to succeed. I mean I Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, play games, and my favorite shop, shop, shop online. I even wear a Fitbit. So how hard can it be learning new techs, I think to myself, I can do this piece of cake, so I apply for my second masters but this time with an emphasis on creative writing in the entertainment industry…what can be more exciting than that! After all, I’m hip, right?

So I register, get accepted and eagerly wait for my Apple Mac Pro, which is a requirement to arrive yes! I’M GETTING A MAC! I was soo excited I even went out with an ice warning to pick up the Apple Mac Pro when I missed the UPS guy. So I finally get home with my prize…eyes wide open, grabbed the first kitchen knife I could find, cut off the seals and tape and there it was…..a matte silver laptop with a big frosty apple on the front cover. E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G!!!!!

Now the box comes with all kinds of instructions, sales brochures and warranty everything except how to use it…somehow I expected the Apple MacPro to have a manual for dummies so after reading every single paper enclosed in the box.

So this half a century-year-old woman who’s only Apple experience is an iPad Air she got the previous Christmas from the hubby thinks how hard can it be? How different can be an Apple MacPro be in comparison to Microsoft Dell, which I found the whole experience frustrating and comparing apples to oranges.….It was a freaking nightmare….

Now I got no mouse…and with Mac, I found out the hard way it’s essential since that is the only similarities between the systems. If only I had bought a mouse! So I’m looking at this laptop, and I’m thinking how the hell do you “select” and “cut, copy, paste, highlight” simple things…then it downloaded something, and it jumps!!! HOW FREAKING CUTE!!!! An animated, noisy icon, which brought me back to my Mexican jumping bean days and for a slight second forgot that I cannot do anything except sign in.

Back to work, okay so I got as far as I’m online but now how do I select to get to the information? I cannot even navigate because I still have not figured out how to select!!!! So after being defeated, I pull out my trusty old Microsoft laptop to ask Google how to use an Apple MacPro. Google is my BFF for EVERYTHING just don’t tell my human BFF!!! She doesn’t like to share or be in competition with an object, which I could understand. In my frustration, I accidently pushed down a little too hard and “clicks” I’m online…yay me! I was sooooo excited about my accomplishment that I looked around the kitchen to see who I can share my success story, but with my luck, no one was in sight. By now I had searched, viewed and learned current MacPro functions from YouTube. What would I do without YouTube. I even learned how to cut and paste. The worst part about the whole ordeal was that I spent three hours on this, and my first paper is due in one.

So without being familiar with the much defeated Apple MacPro, I attempted to compete for my assignment timely before the window of time closed on the student portal. The research wasn’t too bad after I learned how to navigate but now to get references copied from was another mission. Okay, a finger here, select command with “p” and it pasted. At this rate, I’d miss the deadline and finish at the end of the semester.

The funniest thing about this experience was that I’m competing with all these kids, and God forbid I hurt my pride by admitting on our weekly online class my defeat. So to work more diligently, I typed all my papers on my Microsoft laptop, send an email to myself, which I opened in MacPro, realigned anything off and upload my homework into the student portal which of course is only supported only by Mac.


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